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Scheh Center named for Harlandale Leader

In 1913, Harlandale was an almost uninhabitable community well south of San Antonio.  Christian Adolph Scheh, Dr. J.J.McCollum and Judge L.F. Poor built the first one-room schoolhouse in Harlandale, and later helped build other elementary schools.

In recognition of all his contributions to the Harlandale schools, the C.A. Scheh Elementary School opened in 1956 with twenty classrooms and is named for Mr. C.A. Scheh, who was one of the first pharmacists in Harlandale and proprietor of the Harlandale Drug Store on South Flores Street. Mr. Scheh donated the first-aid and school supplies throughout his life to the Harlandale schools.  He served as an elected county school board trustee for 35 years.  Mr. Scheh also campaigned to get state accreditation for the Harlanale school system.  Among other efforts, he has worked with the city council to run trolleys from San Antonio to Harlandale and to get a dingy (small trolley) to run all the way to Hot Wells, since there was no other public transportation at the time to those areas.

His son, Adolph Oscar Scheh, also a pharmacist who went into business with his father and rebuilt the pharmacy as the Scheh Pharmacy, helped supply the school district.  He was instrumental in effecting the annexation of Harlandale by San Antonio, creating the Harlandale I.S.D.

In 2008 Scheh Elementary became the Scheh Center and currently houses six campuses from feeder campuses across Harlandale I.S.D.

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