College Board

Learn about Higher Education and SAT/ACT & Other PrepTests.

Bridges Career Websites

Learn About Careers and Take An Interest Inventory. You can also research colleges that correspond with the career of your choice.

Top 50 Health Care Jobs

Want a career in healthcare but don't know where to start? Listed below are the top 50 health care jobs, ranked according to the number of employed workers in each profession.

Online Colleges

Texas’s commitment to online programs comes in many shapes, but it is perhaps best embodied by the state’s membership in the Southern Regional Education Board’s Electronic Campus. This pact between the states of the southeastern U.S. (Texas being the furthest west) lets students sift through a huge directory of the region’s online ed. programs. Depending on where they are enrolled, students can audit these courses, earning credits towards their degree. This is effectively the dream of online ed.; students taking the best courses as needed, regardless of location.

Social/Emotional Learning

Character Counts

Learn about the pillars of character, then practice them weekly to re-enforce weekly classroom guidance lessons. Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Citizenship and Caring Virtues are important to us here at the Scheh Center!

School Family

Learn about the connection between school and home. Here you will find great resources to help with homework, parenting and other school related issues.

San Antonio Council of Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Prevention Matters!  Learn about the efforts of the San Antonio Council of Alcohol and Drug Abuse and the wonderful work that their agency does in and around the San Antonio, Texas area.

Bexar County Dispute Resolution Center

This is a great resource for conflict resolution in Bexar County and the surrounding areas.


The United States Marine Corp

Semper Fi!  Gather more information here about what it takes to become one of the few and the proud.

US Army

Learn about what it takes to become a member of the United States Army!
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